Engaging Art at Carlisle Memorial 30th May-2nd June

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Creative Belfast

‘Creative Belfast’ is the Trust’s new programme of projects that focus on developing creative and cultural skills. It is a collaboration between the Trust and a range of strategic partners from the cultural, community, and skills sectors. Partners will work together to design and deliver projects that explore new ways to better connect Belfast’s people with opportunities in creative careers, particularly in practical and creative skills such as set design, lighting design, storytelling, and costume.

Although ‘Creative Belfast’ is designed to be delivered across the city, it is rooted in finding a future use for Carlisle Memorial that involves and is shaped by the young people who will use it. ‘Creative Belfast’ is as much about securing a viable future use for this building and others as it is about helping local young people find creative career pathways. We intend the outcomes of ‘Creative Belfast’ to engage with and encourage people to foresee and develop a creative career.

Three projects make up the core of ‘Creative Belfast’;

Engaging Art,
Celtic Wheel,
Live at Carlisle.

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